Anyeong Haseyo

Hi…., My name Anis Rohadatul Aisy , My nickname Anis  . I was born on 23 march 1998 . I like Korea, all of which smelled korea I really like,starting  from culture, artists – artists hallyu, system of government, etc., so I wanted to be Ambassador to Korea. My hobbies playing basket , playing badminton , listening to music, playing games, cooking, playing computer , watching drama and the most I like is sleeping .

I am, very happy with KPOP, especially with Minho (SHINee), Taemin (SHINee), Sulli (F (X)), L (Infinite) , Eunji (A-PINK) . Not only five  people that I also love the other group (Glam, BtoB, f (x), SHINee, CNBlue , BOA , A-pink ,After School,) and more. I also liked actors and actresses such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Moon Geun Young, Hyun Bin , Song Jong Ki , Park Shin Hye .

“Village” appellation for a 6th friend in the class, made up of  I myself, Laras Syahgiah, Nur Hafizah, Santi Mariani,Aisyah Nur Sabrina, and the last is  Tiara Risqi W, Actually Village consists of 4 children of teachers who “Gaje “Laras said.” my class is a four-prong Village guy (the really weird.) but it does not matter, what matters Hepi.

I have two Younger siblings , one younger brother and one younger sister. I graduated from SMP 3 BATAM. Now I am in class X MAN 1 BATAM .





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